dec 15 - i guess that when you say you have to go in and see your mom at marie's and you actually click over and talk to Gary for a while then go in that it isnt something i should worry about. Of course, the next day when it comes up that it took your mom calling you trying to find out where you were to get you to hang up with him...
I was wrong, i understand that you did tell me bye and started talkin to him, you just didnt dump me to get to him and i know that you didnt talk to him until your mom took you away.

dec 17 - i waited all day, tried to not call because you were out shopping with Shayne, tried to not call because you were out at Joy's, then you decided that when Gary calls at 8:00 in the evening while you're at Joy's you'll go ahead and call him right back because it might be important. You call me when you get home and you're just too tired to talk.
I was wrong, i understand that it was irregular to hear from him late and you were just checking to make sure there wasnt a problem.

Dec 22 - it does seem like you havent talked to him since Monday night before Rotary, I havent heard you say that he's talked to you since. It is a long time to think that he can go without talking to you but I cant complain.

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